Oregon Hemp Convention Digital Summit

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Digital Summit

Learn directly from global hemp and cannabis leaders from the comfort of your home. Enjoy 15 minute product demos, 30 minute panel sessions with live Q&A’s, and 45 minute presentations from some of the biggest names in the hemp industry.


Join Us for 30+ Educational Sessions


9:00am - CBD Retail and Online Tactics

Presented by Rich Wilens

10:00am - Protect Your Brand During COVID-19 Chaos 

10:30am - Marketing & Media Panel

11:00am - Keynote Address

12:00pm - Chef Sebastian Carosi - CBD Fried Chicken

12:30pm - Team Culture : Best Practices during the Corona Virus

1:00pm - Indoor Cultivation : Efficiency, Equipment & Profit

2:00pm - Indoor Cultivation : Growing Tips from a Horticulture Expert

3:00pm - Raising Capital : An Investor Round Table

4:00pm - Legal Review : An Hour of Live Q&A

5:00pm - Breakout Sessions : Networking

June 17, 2020


9:00am - Legal Review: The Future of Hemp Compliance

10:00am - Testing, COAs and Compliance

11:00am - Keynote Address: Hemp Economics

                  Behind the Scenes of Supply and Demand

12:00pm - Hops and Hemp : Agricultural Industries of Craft

12:30pm - Transportation in the Hemp Industry

1:00pm - Outdoor Farming : Boosting Productivity and ROI

2:00pm - Outdoor Farming : Drying and Storage

3:00pm - International Hemp : A Global Perspective

4:00pm - Legal Review : Hemp Import and Export

5:00pm - Breakout Sessions : Networking

June 18, 2020


9:00am - Using CBD to Improve your Quality of Life

10:00am - Health & Science : CBD, CBG and Minor Cannabinoids 

11:00am - Keynote Address

12:00pm - Digital Marketing : Proven Strategies During Public Health Crisis

12:30pm - Merchant Services : Finding the Right Provider

Presented by: CBD Payment Pros

1:00pm - Hemp Fiber, Food and Textiles are Big Business

2:00pm - Tradeshow Roundtable : What's on the Horizon

3:00pm - Breakout Sessions : Networking

June 19, 2020

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